Time: Students can start their studies approximately within a week after enrolling on this course. The estimated time for completing this course is three months. 

Please notice that Xamk’s lecturers do not assess completed courses nor enter the course assessments in Xamk’s record of credits (Peppi) during their non-teaching periods. In summer, completed courses will not be assessed between June 1st and August 18th, 2024. 

This course will also be offered in autumn 2024. Enrolment for the course will open in June.

Place: Online studies
Extent: 5 ECTS credits
Target group: Everyone interested in the topic

Course is completed independently

Information for students studying in vocational studies in Finland:
Väyläopinnot ammattiin opiskeleville: Suosittelemme tätä opintojaksoa väyläopintoihin lähihoitajasta sairaanhoitajaksi (AMK).

Credited in degree at Xamk: Bachelor of Health Care, Degree Programme in Nursing
Area of competence mentioned in Curriculum: Core competence (3 ECTS cr) and Optional studies (2 ECTS cr)
Enrolment by: 18th June 2024. This is a nonstop start and students can start their studies approximately within a week after enrolling on this course. 
Price: Free of charge

Note that you can enrol for Open UAS studies at the maximum of 50 ECTS credits per semester. One person’s enrolments exceeding 50 ECTS credits are deleted in the enrolment order. Paying attention to this is important when planning your studies.

Please also notice, that Xamk degree students can enrol on this course only via Peppi or Tuudo.

Learning outcomes:

Health promotion and Global Health:

  • You can apply the theories on health promotion and evidence-based methods in nursing individuals and communities.
  • You can assess individuals’ and groups’ needs for health promotion.
  • You can direct early support for those who need it.
  • You understand the ethical principles of health promotion.
  • You know how to plan and carry out interventions for promoting health and the ability to function for individuals and groups in multiprofessional cooperation, with a customer-oriented approach.
  • You recognize current and new health threats also globally and you are able to include them in the health promotion of customers/patients.


  • You know how to apply nutrition and treatment recommendations for different age and target groups in preventing and nursing national diseases.
  • You know how to integrate nutrional care and guidance into comprehensive nursing in cooperation with a network of multisectoral experts.
  • You can assess the nutritional status of a customer/patient and refer the customer/patient in the risk of malnutrition to an expert.

Contents and methods:

The course is divided into three learning contents:

  1. Health promotion, 1 ECTS cr
  2. Community health promotion and Global health, 2 ECTS cr
  3. Nutrition, 2 ECTS cr

Health Promotion

  • How are health and illness defined and what are the principles of health promotion?
  • What is the significance of health promotion for national health?
  • How is health promoted in different municipal fields?
  • What is the meaning of the norm, resource, and information guidance in health promotion?
  • How do the ethical principles of health promotion direct planning in social and health care and how do you take ethics into consideration in health promotion
  • What is the connection between lifestyle and health?
  • How can risk behavior in health issues be recognized and prevented?
  • How can wellbeing analytics and artificial intelligence be utilized in health promotion?
  • What kind of registered information and statistics can be utilized in health promotion?
  • How do you promote the health of a community?
  • How do you follow and assess health promotion?
  • How do you apply evidence-based information in health promotion?


  • What are the national nutrional recommendations directed at different age groups?
  • How do you apply the contents of nutrional recommendations in everyday food choices and eating?
  • How do you carry out nutrition treatment and preventive dietary advice according to the Current Care recommendations?

The course includes assignments, learning tests, group work and a final exam completed independently. The course will be carried out 100 % online.

The course covers 5 ECTS credits, totalling 135 hours of student`s independent work.

Assessment scale:

The Transcript of records will be delivered automatically by email in PDF form. You can read more about the The Transcript of records on: Information on Open UAS, Xamk Pulse studies.

This course is based on the curricula of Xamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

Additional information on enrolment:
Xamk Pulse, email: openstudies@xamk.fi.

Terms of cancellation: 
If you are not able to participate in the course, please let us know as soon as possible by email openstudies@xamk.fi.

Before the course starts, you'll receive an invitation by email to this course.

Please note that there can be changes in the course details in terms of the timetable and teachers, for example.

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