Time: Students can start their studies approximately within a week after enrolling on this course. The estimated time for completing this course is two months. The first start is on 5 September 2023.
Place: Online studies
Extent: 5 ECTS credits
Target group: Everyone interested in the topic
Lecturer: Course is completed independently

Credited in degree at Xamk: All Bachelor level degrees at Xamk
Area of competence mentioned in Curriculum: Optional studies
Enrolment by: 8.10.2023
Price: Free of charge

Note that you can enrol for Open UAS studies at the maximum of 50 ECTS credits per semester. One person’s enrolments exceeding 50 ECTS credits are deleted in the enrolment order. Paying attention to this is important when planning your studies.

Please also notice, that
Xamk degree students cannot enrol on Open UAS courses.

Learning outcomes: 

  • You can describe the relevant assessment methods and indicatiors of responsiblity in regional destinations and at national level.
  • You can search for foresight data related to responsibility in hospitality business.
  • You can plan, implement and assess a development project related to responsible hospitality business.

Contents and methods: 

  • What are the positive and negative sociocultural, ecological and economic impacts of the hospitality field?
  • What are the relevant assessment methods and indicators of responsiblity in regional destinations and at national level?
  • How do you anticipate the global sociocultural, ecological and economic changes and risks related to responsible development of the field?
  • How do you plan, implement and assess a development project to improve the responsibility of enterprises, networks of enterprises or destinations?

Today’s customers, restaurant visitors, hotel bookers care about sustainability and responsibility. They want to know that the companies they give their business to follow environmentally, socially and culturally sound practices. Responsibility-minded hospitality leaders can improve efficiency and attract a growing number of customers looking for environmentally and socially responsible products and services.
The goal of this course is to identify the current and anticipated skills shortages in the hospitality industry, which correspond to the integration and application of various sustainable activities.


  1. Positive and negative socio-cultural, ecological and economic impacts of hospitality
  2. The relevant methods and indicators of responsibility at regional and national level
  3. The global socio-cultural, ecological and economic changes and risks

Examination quiz at the end of the course. There are no live lectures or group work in this course.

The course covers 5 ECTS credits, totalling 135 hours of student work. The number of hours is theoretical and varies according to student effort.

Study material: The links and articles after each topic in Learn.

Assessment grade: Accepted/Failed

This course is a part of Xamk Pulse’s ‘Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism and Service Business Management’.  

What is diploma and what are the courses included in it? 
Read more about the diploma https://koulutuskalenteri.xamk.fi/en/open-amk-courses/diploma-of-higher-education-in-tourism-and-service-business-management-60-ects-cr/. 

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This course is based on the curricula of Xamk's degree programmes and the Finnish credits are fully compatible with the ECTS.

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If you are not able to participate in the course, please let us know as soon as possible by email openstudies@xamk.fi.

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